What are people saying about Pure Body Fitness?


"Kate has been such an inspiration through these past five months. Not only has she helped me lose over 30 pounds, but has also helped me build my confidence. Kate is such an amazing trainer. She pushed me to my limits, giving me excellent results. Kate took my fitness goals to heart and helped me achieve all of them. She is a great motivator and I could not have accomplished all that I have without her. Thanks Kate!"
~ Lauren, 21 years old

"When I contacted Kate, I had three main goals: lose weight, strengthen my upper body, and develop general toning. At my first in-home workout, Kate did an evaluation and then developed workouts specifically targeted at my goals. We started working together twice a week and she gave me a hard copy of every workout to keep in a binder and track my progress. Over one year of working with her, I've received a good variety of workouts that are realistic for me and tailored specifically to my goals. With Kate's help and the notes we wrote on my workouts, I've even been able to complete extra workouts on my own. I'm now up to 3 workouts a week - once with Kate and twice on my own. Besides designing workouts, Kate also offers the flexibility of working out in my home or going to a gym, and her adaptability extends to scheduling for people's busy lives too. She is reliable and dependable, has helped me with nutrition questions and given me great encouragement. At the age of 60, I have reached my goals and maintained the weight, tone and fitness I want, and Kate is still designing workouts that push me to see even more results.”
~ Martha, 60 years old

I participated in two, two-hour stability ball classes with Kate and Will, after which I was able to walk with greater ease and resume swimming the breast stroke for the first time since my surgery one year prior. Kate's teaching was clear, compassionate, encouraging and specific. I look forward to the opportunity to work with her again--and would do so regularly if I lived in Seattle, or she lived in Portland!"
~ Sarahjoy Marsh, owner of DAYA Foundation

"When I decided to start seeing a personal trainer, I was a little worried, since I had not been in a serious workout routine before. Kate took that into account, and started me off with good workouts that gradually increased in intensity, but never left me hurting the next day. My goals were to improve my upper-body strength, tighten up my abs, and get myself into an ongoing routine. After working with Kate for a few months, I've seen real results, which have given me the momentum I needed to keep it going. Kate is fun to work with, knowledgeable, and her accomplishments as an athlete make her a true inspiration to those looking to get into better shape!"
~ Bill, 40 years old

"When I started working out with you, I was at a point when life had gotten in the way of the positive image I always had of myself.  After a few years, you just don't remember what it was like to be strong, and confident, and bold.  While you can occasionally picture it, it is hard to sustain any belief in yourself long enough to make it change.  But when I'm in the gym with you guys, and you ask me to do something that seems impossible, or hand me a weight that looks too heavy, what I see is that you believe I can do it, and that you can see the strong person trapped underneath the layers of neglect.  Then when I can actually do those things, I see that person too.  And with each day, and each workout, I get a little more certain that the only real problem has ever been that I got confused about which image was real and which was the myth.  I appreciate so much your energy, investment, and commitment to pushing me hard and helping me make the change.  Every day I feel a little more like myself, and a little less beaten down.  Thank you Will and Kate."
~ Kathryn, 35 years old

"Having Kate as my personal trainer helped me to gain the confidence to work out independently on my own. Kate helped me learn a variety of different work out routines and made exercising/ weightlifting less intimidating. I realize that the most important thing about working out is: Just Do It!!! I now workout consistently on my own and really love it!"
~ Tori, 34 years old

"I've been training for a law enforcement fitness test for quite some time, but had really hit a wall in improving my 300m sprint. My wife found Kate and set me up with several sessions with her. I'd known that my sprinting form was pretty bad before and that it was likely what was holding me back. After working with Kate for a couple of months, my sprint improved quite a bit, and I beat my previous best time by nearly 3/4 of a second on the test. In addition, I ran a personal best in the 1.5 mile run on the test as well. Kate taught me what my form should be and also helped me immensely in improving both my form and endurance. Thanks Kate!"
~ Austin, 27 years old

"When first meeting with Kate, we talked about my goals and what I wanted to achieve from working with a personal trainer. She was able to customize workouts to the goals that I had. After working with Kate for a few months I was able to achieve all of my goals. She was able to give me the confidence I needed to continue a healthy lifestyle. Working out with Kate is fun and rewarding and she inspired me to live a healthier lifestyle."
~ Amanda, 25 years old