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Run Over the Competition with Pure Body Fitness Speed and Agility Programs

Pure Body Fitness is committed to creating speed and agility programs that will prepare individual athletes and teams to excel during the sports season.  A speed and agility program designed by Pure Body Fitness will make athletes faster, stronger, and reduce the risk of injury by including:

  • Instruction on proper running mechanics
  • Core strength training
  • Plyometric drills – fast, powerful movements such as jumping and bounding
  • Training in correct weight lifting techniques
  • Sports related agility movements
  • Calisthenics – body weight exercises
  • Static and dynamic stretching

Along with the proven benefits of speed and agility training, athletes working with Pure Body Fitness can expect to reach a new level of athleticism and accomplish goals that will help them to stand out from the competition.

What Is Speed and Agility Training?

Agility is the body’s ability to change position, requiring a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes and strength.  Athletic speed is the swiftness or rate taken to cover a distance.  These two components complement each other and are a key factor in improving performance in any sport. When athletes desire to excel in their sport, they should develop a strong foundation of athleticism that includes speed, agility, and strength training.

Pure Body Fitness Speed and Agility programs vary based on the needs of each athlete and team, but will always include instruction on basic running mechanics, plyometric drills, stretching techniques, and core strength development.


Hour-long workouts:
1 athlete: $75
2 athletes: $60 per person
3-5 athletes: $50 per person
6+ athletes: price varies, please contact me to discuss your needs

Week-long Team Camps:
Call for pricing and availability
Includes 5-10 hours of instruction

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As a successful high school, college, and professional track athlete I have experience relevant to all athletic levels.  In addition to offering year-round technical coaching, I am available to mentor athletes through the high school season and college recruiting process, and for sports-related motivational speaking engagements.