Do you want to jump start your fitness routine? Empower yourself by working with a certified personal trainer who will teach you how to work out safely and effectively.


Take Control of Your Workouts

Achieve your fitness goals faster and more effectively with help from Kate or Will Conwell, both elite athletes and certified personal trainers.  Whether you want to lose weight, develop muscle tone, enhance your overall strength, or simply gain more confidence, we’re committed to your success.

Choose the Bronze, Silver or Gold Training Package to help you:

  • Gain skills, tools and competence to reach your individual fitness goals
  • Take control of a healthy lifestyle you can continue for years - without dependence on a trainer
  • Build muscular strength and balance for a longer, more comfortable life
  • Thrive under the encouragement and accountability of a trainer who truly believes in you
  • Guard against injury, heart disease, cancer and other risks that are more likely to occur when you’re overweight or out of shape

Learn 6 Key Elements to Success

Each session includes stretching, resistance, balance and reactive training, core strength development, and cardio conditioning.  Together, these create an environment that jumpstarts your fitness and, when continued, lead to lifelong wellness.

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Getting started is a snap, and by reading this, you’ve already taken the first step toward a healthier life – doing the research!

Now, take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation. We’ll discuss your goals, gather health information and ask you to complete a few light activities, so we can access your current fitness level. We’ll then recommend a plan best suited for you and develop a program to help you reach your goals.

Why leave a long, healthy life to chance?

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