Does your workout need to shape up? Thrive under the encouragement of a track and field national champion to reach new levels of fitness.

Training Packages

Choose from 3 Training Programs

Our programs offer varying degrees of training, support and guidance, so you can find one that perfectly meets your needs. Each includes:

  • Comprehensive body analysis
  • Workouts custom designed to address your specific needs
  • One-on-one personal training from a certified professional
  • Tools to equip you for success, including information on nutrition, core and body weight circuits, and stretching
  • Encouragement and accountability to reach your goals
  • Instruction on how to perform exercises correctly


Bronze Program:

Our most affordable program, the Bronze focuses on exercising at the gym and doesn’t include written materials to take home.

Choose the Bronze Program if:

  • You plan to exercise mostly with Kate or Will rather than on your own.
  • You’re not interested in replicating specific workouts you do with your trainer.
  • You have some confidence and skill with exercising.


Silver Program: 

Our most popular program, the Silver gives plenty of guidance, and includes a copy of every workout your trainer designs for you. You can even make your own notes, so you can accurately repeat exercises later. In addition, a Pure Body Fitness binder helps you track workouts, progress and success.

Choose the Silver Program if:

  • You have some experience working out and are familiar with exercises.
  • You want a written reminder of workouts but don’t need tons of detail.
  • You want to take ownership of your fitness by creating your own notes.

CLICK HERE to see what'd you'd take home from each Silver Program workout.


Gold Program:

Our most comprehensive plan, the Gold gives you optimal support, education and guidance. It includes a completely designed individual program (rather than just individual workouts), plus full descriptions and pictures of every exercise you learn. In addition, you receive a Pure Body Fitness binder to help you track workouts, progress and success.

Choose the Gold Program if:

  • You have little to no experience working out.
  • You want to replicate what you do with Kate or Will on your own.
  • You thrive with a high level of information, guidance and training.

CLICK HERE to see what'd you'd take home from each Gold Program workout.


* Save money by partnering with a friend or small group. Each additional person is just $15/hour.

**We’re happy to come to your home or office for an additional fee, depending on the location.