Does your workout need to shape up? Thrive under the encouragement of a track and field national champion to reach new levels of fitness.


What makes Pure Body Fitness unique?

We take a personal interest in our clients. We are here to educate and equip you, not simply take you through a series of exercises. After working with Pure Body Fitness for a few months you should have the knowledge and confidence to work out on your own. After that, we hope to be able to continue working with you in whatever way best supports your fitness ambitions.

Where are you located?

We are independent personal trainers in Portland, OR.  We are not a gym or personal training studio.  Instead, we work with people around the Portland, OR area, training outside at parks and tracks and have access at some fitness centers.  If you have the equipment, we are also available to work with you in your home or condo for an additional fee.

I’m thinking about hiring a personal trainer but I am not sure I want / can afford one?

While working with a trainer isn’t for everyone, some of the benefits include accountability, encouragement to push through challenges, knowing that you are doing each exercise correctly, and an effective workout plan put together by an expert. And when you work with Pure Body Fitness we will train you in a way that won’t leave you dependent on us forever. If you’re wavering about your choice to hire a personal trainer you should take advantage of our free initial consultation. Here we can discuss any hesitations you have, and answer all your questions.

I’m interested in training, what do I do now?

Fill out a contact form with your email and phone number so that we can get in touch with you to set up your free initial consultation. The consultation can take place in one of the personal training facilities where we work, or at a local coffee or smoothie shop.

What does my free initial consultation include?

The consultation includes discussion of your goals, how we would set up a program to help you reach those goals, and which pricing package we would recommend for you. It is a chance for us to get to know each other and determine if working together is the best fit. If we meet at a training facility the consult also includes body composition and circumference measurements, and a functional movement assessment.

Do you offer package deals?

Occasionally a promo package is available for new clients. Any current promotions are highlighted on the personal training and/or pricing section of this website.

Can you train me for a race?

Kate’s primary focus with speed and agility training is teaching, and improving, running mechanics for sprinters. Kate can do track workouts with you to help your improve speed for races, but does not create complete race training plans.

Would you create a workout program I can do on my own?

We do offer this service, but only if you agree to go through the program with us at least once. We want to ensure that you know what each exercise is, and that you are doing it correctly. Program design costs $150 for 3-5 workouts, and an additional $75/hour to go through the program with you. Generally it takes 2-4 hours to teach you your program, and once learned the workouts can be effectively repeated for up to three months. After you have gone through each workout once on your own, an additional one hour check-in to answer any questions is highly recommended.

Why do you call yourself Pure Body Fitness?

Owner Kate Conwell started this company under her maiden name Kathryn Soma. Faced with a decision on what to name the company, she did some research and discovered that in Greek Kathryn means “purity” and Soma means “body.” The search was over. The name not only represented her solo investment in the company, but also her “pure” philosophy for training. Kate (and now Will too) believes that fitness, weight loss, and strength development should be addressed in a natural way, not through pills or procedures. If you want to make a lasting choice for health choose purity, and make a change that includes diet and exercise with Pure Body Fitness.

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